Whenever a disaster strikes, it is human nature to clamour for the details, and the closer it hits to home, the greater is our interest. Whether it’s fear or ghoulish obsession, we need the running death toll…the terrifying personal accounts…the shocking images. Technology has only served to feed this desire by disseminating the facts at lightning speed. What gets lost in all of this, however, are the lives directly affected. They become fodder for our fascination.

The tragedy that occurred on Monday in Manchester is no exception.

We understand at The Z Review that reporting the facts surrounding any story is essential, but there is a line between covering a subject – especially one as heart breaking as yesterday’s terrorist attack – and exploiting it. We will not exploit the tragic event that took place last night in The Manchester Arena. Yes, we will continue to share with our readership any pertinent information that breaks on this incident but we will refrain from publishing the flood of personal accounts of concertgoers as well as their videos and photographs. These people are in shock, they have not had enough time to process and we will use not their stories to drive our traffic.

There are many other sites and sources to go to find such content. The Z Review will not be one of them.

We will say, however, how deeply saddened we are. This heinous act was perpetrated on children – it is beyond comprehension. To think about all those young people, so excited to enjoy their night of music and laughter. Some in groups, the littler ones accompanied by their parents. It’s all just too painful.

We have seen the lives of so many destroyed by these savages…these abortions…these wastes of protoplasm. They are evil incarnate and they will not stop, for all they know is hate. They have no feelings…only lunatic aspiration. The only thing we can do is – not get used to it! And stay informed. Stay informed about our leaders…and what their motivations are….whether they are looking out for us or their own self interests. We don’t need to know the body count, we need to understand why it was allowed to happen in the first place…and what is being done about it. Let’s not debase ourselves with irrational fears and all its accompanying divisiveness. We have to be smarter than that.

We need to hold our leaders accountable. And here at the Z Review, we can assure you we will do our very best to do just that.


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