About us

The Z Review is a project borne out of necessity. In a world that’s become desensitized to the lowest common denominator of reporting and commentary, now more than ever do readers need a site that is dedicated to providing credible, thought provoking, intelligent content with a strong coherent voice.

The Z Review has a vision which aims to put our changing cultural and political landscape into perspective. Whether it’s through our arts reviews, think pieces, essays or daily reporting on breaking news, our audience will always receive a consistent, insightful, and unique account of where we are as a global society… and where we’re going next.

Every day, we will report honestly on the latest news emerging around the world, with a hardline focus on the topics and issues which matter most. We will also feature in-depth literary, music, movie, television, and theatrical reviews from a stable of great writers who are passionate about the arts and about communicating that passion to an audience. Our mission is to entertain, inform, connect, and engage. Through our comments section, The Z Review will invite our readers to participate in, what we hope, will be a robust discussion/debate on every article we publish. This is an essential part of our vision and what will help guide us into the future. Rounding out our site, will be a curated selection of essays and opinion pieces which explore the issues and ideas that make us laugh and cry, that bring us together and sometimes tear us apart.

We are all trying to navigate our internal and external worlds and we all grapple with the same fears and challenges common to the human condition. At the same time each of us has an innate desire to reach out to others and learn about their dreams and aspirations, how they love, why they hate – in essence what makes them who they are. Through our features and writing we hope to open up our audience to new opinions, ideas, relationships, and perspectives – for it is only by sharing our perspectives, that we can truly gain a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves.

Along the way, we promise not to leave anyone out; our main goal is to provide an inclusive arena which gathers people around the news, entertainment, and global concerns which deeply impact our lives every day….and we will never talk down to our readers!

The media landscape is fragmenting and re-forming – and the sources are becoming more dubious. We will be at the centre of things, pulling together themes, ideas, and trends to keep our audience in the loop. We will be there to help our audience sort through the doubletalk, and hyperbole.

We will be there every day….to entertain, inform, connect, engage and tap into the zeitgeist. For we are The Z Review.