The pumpkin prez is going full tantrum over Comey, implying on Friday that he had covertly recorded their conversations. I’m guessing this was over the ‘beautiful’ dinner they both shared, when the former FBI Director informed him that he was not being investigated.

In his tweet Friday, Trump warned Comey that he’d better not leak to the press.

Jeez, for a guy who so loves to be urinated on he’s sure paranoid about leaking.

If I were Trump I’d be careful about these sorts of threats, especially since Comey will most likely be called in to testify – now as a private citizen. All of this bullying might be construed as witness intimidation. That’s Nixonian stuff, and just another cobblestone on the path to impeachment.

Every day it seems, the man in the oval office seems to be getting more and more unhinged. My question is, when is enough, enough? Will Republicans finally take a stand and acknowledge that Trump is simply unsuited for the job? They’ve got their stooge in Pence, why not pull the plug?

In a later tirade, Trump also floated the idea that he would halt all press briefings. This behavior can no longer be tolerated. Instead of equivocating and attempting to interpret his madness through a rational lens, the media need to align themselves and stick to one narrative and one alone – the guy needs to go.

Oh, and by the by — Comey says he’s not worried about any recordings.


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