In a new blog post written for his website, The Resurgent, Right-winger Erick Erickson is confirming the recent revelation by the Washington Post that President Donald Trump divulged classified information to Russia. According to Erickson, he knows the identity of at least one of the sources and they are definitely a member of team Trump.

“This is a real problem,” Erickson says. “I treat this story very seriously because I know just how credible, competent, and serious — as well as seriously pro-Trump, at least one of the sources is.”

No one could ever accuse Erickson of being anything other than what he is politically, a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. Still, he considers the ever increasing state of disarray in the White House of such grave national concern that it supersedes any ideology.

At one point in his post, he beseeches Trumpists to look at recent events with clear-eyed objectivity.

“Please ask yourself a question — if the President, through inexperience and ignorance, is jeopardizing our national security and will not take advice or corrective action, what other means are available to get the President to listen and recognize the error of his ways?”

The conservative pundit went on to express his alarm at the staggering level of Trump’s political incompetence.

“I am told that what the President did is actually far worse than what is being reported,” Erickson said. “The President does not seem to realize or appreciate that his bragging can undermine relationships with our allies and with human intelligence sources. He also does not seem to appreciate that his loose lips can get valuable assets in the field killed.”

One can only hope that more of his fellow Republicans will follow suit and go on record that the mad spin-out on Pennsylvania Avenue is not ‘fake news’ but a dangerous crisis that needs to be addressed by lawmakers and influencers on both sides of the aisle.


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