When Dave Chappelle spouted his ‘give Trump a chance spiel’ during the opening monologue of his post-election hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, I have to admit it made me queasy. Not that I felt he should have been raving in opposition to the travesty that had just taken place, not really anyway. Still, to immediately be so passive in the face of such a nightmare felt almost like a betrayal on the part of the comedian.

Well it seems as if the funnyman has had a change of heart when it comes to the reality star-in-chief. During an appearance at the Robin Hood Foundation Benefit in the Big Apple, Chappelle apologized to the crowd.

“I was the first guy on TV to say, ‘Give Trump a chance.’ I f―ked up. Sorry.”

Dave went on to add that Trump, “is way out of step with the way people feel in America. Am I wrong about that? Every day you wake up and you never know what he is going to do next. He’s exciting like you thought a black president would have been.”

Apology accepted Dave Chappelle. Now you better start getting some impeachment material together. Look forward to it.


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