Capping off a major bummer of a week for the White House comes the news that Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein has selected a special counsel to lead an independent investigation into Trump and his campaign aides’ possible collusion with Russia. It seems that the Comey memo indicating Trump’s probable obstruction was the last straw for Rosenstein.

Most telling about this latest development, is that the Deputy Attorney General has selected former FBI Director, Robert Mueller to lead the investigation, a longtime friend and colleague of Jim Comey. After being used by the pumpkin prez to validate Comey’s firing, it certainly seems as if Rosenstein has exacted his revenge in stylish fashion. The fact that Mueller is being described as “Comey on steroids” must have ratcheted up Trump’s state of apoplexy to frenzied heights.

The selection comes as a much needed reassurance that our system of checks and balances are still in working order. For a moment, it felt as if the reality star-in chief, had found a way to weasel out of the ever tightening Russia noose with his axing of Comey. Now that Mueller is on the case, a well-respected, no nonsense professional, the nation can breathe a sigh of relief that no stone will be will be left unturned.

The hiring of Mueller was welcomed on both sides of the aisle. Dems heralded the choice as a victory for democracy and our state of law, and the Republicans are just happy that they no longer have to constantly answer questions on the Russia probe and can concentrate on their ‘legislating’.

One thing is for sure, this will be no fast and dirty investigation, it will be a slow and methodical process which may take many months to get to the bottom of. Until then, Trump will be a president under investigation…not a cloud you want to be sitting under for the rest your term – and all in just over 100 days in office.


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