After months of categorizing the probe into his ties with Russia as a “witch hunt”, Donald J Trump has made the decision to ‘lawyer up’. According to a senior level official close to Trump, our prevaricator-in-Chief is expected to hire attorney and long-time associate Marc Kasowitz to join his team, in an effort to protect him against the burgeoning investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into all matters Russian.

Sources also say that former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is being considered for the role of adviser on crisis management, to help guide the president through the mire. It would be a controversial decision, one in which son-in-law Jared Kushner and Daughter Ivanka are both opposed.

Lewandowski has been tight-lipped on this recent speculation.

It’s not the first time lawyers have been called into the White House to advise a sitting president during a scandal, Bill Clinton did it during the Monica Lewinsky affair as did Ronald Reagan during Iran Contra. Still, the fact that Trump is taking this step indicates that he’s very concerned about the ever growing Russia investigation, and feels the need to shield himself against the growing controversy.

CNN also reports that lawyers inside the Trump White House have  begun researching impeachment procedures, in preparation for a possible attempt to remove him from office.


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