Jersey Shore’s Jwoww and the ‘Naked Generation’‏

jwoww from jersey shore

Following in the footsteps of fellow zygote-ian twits Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna, the most recent set of nudie pics leaked to the internets belong to mega guidette Jwoww of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” fame. Apparently she’s someone I should be aware of. I’ve actually never seen “the Jersey Shore”  and have no particular interest in [...]

When it comes to American Chopper, I’m with Team MIKEY and JUNIOR‏

American Chopper

  I’ve been a big fan of American Chopper since it first came on the air in 2003. Back then its unique documentary style camera work and candid interview approach was unlike anything on TV at the time. Sure there was the Real World on MTV and Survivor, but this was really the first thing [...]

ALBUM REVIEW: Surfer Blood – ‘Astro Coast’

Surfer Blood - Astro Coast

Well you knew it was only a matter of time… the 90s retro wave has arrived, and thankfully it’s in good hands.

J.D. Salinger – Dead at 91

J.D. Salinger

J.D. Salinger, the world’s most famous hermit, and author of the 1951 novel, “The Catcher in the Rye”, the masterpiece responsible for creating generations of cynics, sadly, has died at the ripe old age of 91 of natural causes (could there have been any other reason?). A fiercely private and self-protecting person all of his [...]

FILM REVIEW: “Brothers”


Movie remakes are seldom relevant. More times than not, it’s about purely reviving a franchise or a single title for a quick hit and run cash injection before the public realizes they’ve been suckered into suffering through yet another pointless and vapid retread. Not so with Jim Sheridan’s, “Brothers”

Chubby Seniors Rejoice! New study finds being overweight and over 70 may add years to your life

Old People eating Ice Cream

An Australian study released today in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society suggests that being a big fatty doesn’t necessarily contribute to the usual list of health problems, including heart disease, for people in their golden years. According to the researchers, just the opposite may be true. After analyzing a decade’s worth of data [...]

To Beard or not to Beard: Mad Men’s Jon Hamm shaves!‏

Jon Hamm Before and After

There’s been some buzz around the internets that Jon Hamm from the superb show Mad Men has shaved the beard he’d been sporting these past few months. Apparently the hipster contingent of society has got their collective nose out of joint about it, but I honestly don’t understand their disappointment, I mean, the character he [...]

Pope John Paul II into S&M, according to insider’s book


Apparently, the late Pope John Paul II used to beat himself with a belt and sleep on the floor, in the nude, with nary a pillow, to “bring himself closer to Christ”, according to a recently published book, entitled, “Why he is a Saint: The True story of John Paul II.” The kinky pontiff’s penchant [...]

I DON’T GET IT!! New Hot Wheels Cars fold into a… rectangular block?

Mattel's Stealh Rides

Apparenly, Mattel has just come up with the groundbreaking concept of the first-ever folding Hot Wheels.  Dubbed, “Stealth Rides,” these boxes are the toy giant’s latest innovation for a brand that’s been selling tiny racers in stores for more than 40 years. To which I say… Well, there’s a million robots that turn into something.  And this is [...]

Breaking down Obama’s State of the Union Speech : The play by play‏


9:11 – The speechifying begings! Even a year in, I still can’t get used to an eloquent President.   9;14 – Economy, economy, economy!   9:15 – America wants bi-partisanship? Maybe the Americans who don’t vote do, the rest watch FOX news and spit their Skoal into an empty beer bottle.   9:18 – “bank bail [...]