My dear friends,

Today I set forth on a new venture – the launching of my very own website! For years now I’ve been writing for others; Nerve Magazine; The Faster Times and even Walrus Comix. Although it was a rewarding experience, I always felt something missing… it wasn’t MY furshlugganna website!! Well, all that is changed now. You see that handsome fella in the top banner? That’s me. From now on, I will be the master of my domain, and with this responsibility comes.. uh.. responsibility.

I promise to keep content flowing like warm nectar oozing out of a rotten peach – I pray you’ll pardon this disgusting imagery. You’ll always find something new to hold your interest every time you check in – make book on that missy. Whether it be a new article, a random musing, or some other silliness, it will be fresh and steaming

Now, I turn to you dear readers. YOU must do your part as well. This is a symbiotic relationship, there can be no art without an audience.

Yes damn you it’s art! Stop your snickering.

I expect you all to comment heavily, and take part in the conversation. I’ll do my job, but you just can’t lay back with your eyes turned towards the ceiling. That’s what your girlfriend is for. So, let’s do it, I’m primed and ready. Sometimes I get primed, but for some reason not ready and vice versa – so you know this is a special moment.

Onward and upward dear readers, I expect to be hearing from you. Let me know you’re breathing!