Z CROSSWORD: February 26, 2010


Happy Friday dear readers, celebrate with a cup of joe and your weekly crossword!!

UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE: When did the Sleepy’s Mattress Guy Shave his moustache?

Mr. Sleepy Before and After

When did Mr. Sleepy shave his moustache and why? For years I’ve endured his Hitler-like facial hair plastered across all the public transport of my beloeved isle of Manhattan, and all of a sudden, one day to the next it’s disappeared..

Melancholy Squared ARCHIVES


Check out the debut of our latest feature, the fabulously morose weekly comic strip, ‘Melancholy Squared’ by David Zapanta

Chad Kroeger furious over ‘Can This Pickle Get More Fans Than Nickelback?’ Facebook campaign


A few weeks ago, as a joke, very much in the typical hipster school of irony of the day, a young lady named Coral Anne started a Facebook page entitled ‘Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback?’. Well, in a few short weeks this page has become a movement… a dare I say a mini revolution against mediocrity? And apparently UBER-douche Chad Kroeger, lead singer of the horrifically lousy shband, is none too pleased with the goings on.

Joe McCarthy: Then and Now

Joe McCarthy

In a public career that lasted a little over a decade, Senator McCarthy was never able to uncover a single professed Communist working within the United States government. One of the many things I love about the MSNBC program Countdown with Keith Olbermann is Keith’s habit of citing the fact that a story he is highlighting is on the anniversary of a significant day in American history. He then ties the two events together symbolically. Such was the case on Monday evening. While covering the latest barrage of right wing lies and craziness, he noted that it was the sixtieth anniversary of the speech in Wheeling, West Virginia that launched the red-baiting career of Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy.


Heavy Rain

Over two years ago I began hearing about a film noir-esque game that was being built for the PS3 that focused on everyday actions and emotions rather than the usual “run and gun” paradigms that are standard among the action genre. Compelling screenshots and bits of info came out in the ensuing months in slow dribs and drabs. I started wondering if this thing was EVER gonna come out, as games of this sort do have a tendency to be shelved long into its production, but it trudged on and by the end of last year, it was apparent Heavy Rain was definitely going to be released.

DVD Review: Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story”

michael moore

What strikes me only minutes into Moore’s latest film, “Capitalism: A Love Story”, is how broken we are as a nation. Amazingly, broken though it may be, your political and economic system just keeps right on running, like the proverbial Energizer bunny. If the timing belt on my car breaks (which it did a few weeks ago, setting me back a hefty sum in the process), my car stops running. If the shoelace on my running show breaks, I stop running. But when American breaks, it just keeps right on going. How is that possible?

ALBUM REVIEW: “Snakes for the Divine” by High on Fire

high on fire

Matt Pike’s teeth may be rotting before our very eyes, but his thunderous power trio High On Fire just gets stronger and more incisive on Snakes For The Divine, a roaring, relatively brief blast of circa-now metal given some slightly more accessible sweetening from producer Greg Fidelman. Pike’s hoarse, abrasive, Lemmy-esque yawp seems even more powerful and varied than on past records, and the songs gallop along with neck-snapping momentum and the sort of colossal riffs and rhythms that live up to the grandiose, grim pulp-metal nuttiness that has defined the band’s aesthetic across five albums.

My melancholy childhood: Why were kid’s TV programs in the 80s so depressing?

great space coaster

When I look back in my mind’s eye to the days of yon and yore, all my memories are shaded in the sad maroon of my tormented youth. For years I thought of the 80s as a decade filled with extreme melancholy, and I’d just assumed that it was I who was supplying this silvery vein of sadness that flowed through my reminiscence like the river Styx. However, with the power of YouTube, I can now go back with an objective eye and re-watch all the crap that I spent hour upon hour soaking up into my pre-adolescent brain like some forlorn sea cucumber. What I’ve discovered is that the 80s were indeed a decade infused with an odd malaise that is quite unmistakable.



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