Top 15 worst “REINVENTION” albums


What happens when artist makeovers go terribly wrong?? Here are 15 examples of terrible “reinventions”… WTF where they THINKING?

Don Draper, Tony Soprano…Jesse James: Why are women so attracted to misogynistic men?


Are women just as misogynistic as men? Why are women attracted to abusive men, not only in their actual lives, but in their fantasies as well? Just what is it about Don Draper and Tony Soprano that turns them on so?

Over 1 million morons join Facebook group ‘praying’ for death of President Obama

obama is a socialist

I say let the pinheads have their little joke. Sure it’s not as funny as Chad Kroeger and the pickle, but I’ve got a feeling these idiots are going to be complaining for a long while, ’cause the Bamster’s not going anywhere. They might as well have their fun.

Bard College goes TOPLESS: ‘Boobs’ blog combines sex and intellectualism!

bard college

You gotta love Bard college, not only have they produced awesome alumni like Steely Dan, Chevy Chase and (my favorite) Daniel Manus Pinkwater, but now they’re bringing the BOOBIES hardcore yo!

Goldman Sachs and the downfall of the Republican Party

goldman sachs

The Republicans are no longer a political party. What we have here is an organized criminal organization. At this moment they (along with one thoroughly corrupt Democrat – Ben Nelson) are in the process of preventing a debate on the senate floor regarding pending legislation that would regulate (or re-regulate) the financial industry. When Wall Street was deregulated during the reigns of Reagan, Clinton and the two Georges, cooler heads stood up and tried to warn us that it would only lead to the economic mess that we find ourselves in today.

ALBUM REVIEW: “Nobody’s Daughter” by Hole… Not very pretty on the inside.


Check out what we make of C Love’s latest band effort, “Nobody’s Daughter”…

Stephen Hawking says, ‘Aliens exist and we should FEAR THEM!’


Hey, if I’m gonna believe in someone on this matter, it would be Hawking…the guy’s like in the top 20 geniuses of all time.

Archie Comics introduces its first GAY character! (not including Jughead)

kevin keller archie comics first gay character

Meet Kevin Keller, he’s Riverdale’s brand new homosexual and he looks mah-velous. All that dreamy, wavy blonde hair and stylish green pirate shirt and blue jeans… come on now, a pirate shirt and blue jeans – He’s gotta be gay!

Top 10 douchiest MUSIC VIDEOS of ALL TIME!

hall and oates early mtv commercial still

Growing up in the halcyon days when music videos ruled the cultural landscape, it’s hard not to look back with a sense of yearning, especially while living in this new age of brain rotting reality television. Still, I have to remember it wasn’t all wine and roses, in fact some of it was downright painful. To illustrate this point, I’ve put together a list of the top ten douchiest music videos of all time:

ALBUM REVIEW: “Country Music” by Willie Nelson and “I am What I am” by Merle Haggard


Check out what we make of the latest releases from two of country music’s greatest giants; Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard