Kristen Stewart says the paparazzi are like RAPISTS!


In a new interview with UK Elle, Kristin Stewart laments the fact that her life has been intruded upon by the nefarious paparazzi, comparing the experience to being raped. Now, although I’m sure the fact that she’s constantly swarmed upon by camera toting douche-nozzles, constantly shouting out inane comments in order to get a reaction is quite irritating, to compare it with rape, well…I’d say that’s a bit of an overstatement. I’m sure there are plenty of victims of sexual violence out there who’d be quick to disagree with the analogy.

You Heard it First: New Music Spotlight on…. THE NOD!


Check out the Z Report’s new forum for undiscovered talent…. You Heard it First!! This week’s spotlight; Wisconsin’s own THE NOD.

Saddle Shoe Blues… A sad tale of defecation and stylish footwear


Sometimes in life you can be undone by an impeccable sense of style… Check out this horrific anectdote to see what we mean.

An interview with the late, great Dennis Hopper: Never before released in full!!

Dennis Hopper

Although he may be gone, Dennis Hopper’s body of work is forever. His bravery, passion and lunacy will remain a beacon for all actors for generations to come.

Glenn Beck hits new LOW…mocks Obama’s daughter Malia on radio show


This guy’s ratings are slipping almost as fast as his state of mental health. The men with the butterfly nets need to do their jobs and yanks this mofo off the air and lock him up in the asylum for the criminally stupid.

Gary Coleman dead at age 42


Gary will always live on in the hearts of millions of Gen Xers as the loveable Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes. RIP sweet prince.

Robert Pattinson NOT dating Kristen Stewart…flirts with Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon flirts with robert pattinson

Turns out all the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance rumors may just be publicity to drum up the hype for their new Twilight flick.

Hayley Williams of Paramore posts topless photo of herself on Twitter…claims she was hacked! (NSFW link)


Personally, I wasn’t too impressed…I’ve seen bigger mosquito bites than these things.

Is Rand Paul a true racist, or just catering to the racist vote?


When I sat down to write this piece early this morning, my original intent was to title it, “Rand Paul’s George Wallace Moment”. But I then realized that that would be grossly unfair – to George Wallace.

Gary Coleman in critical condition…on life support!


It’s not looking good for Gary Coleman. After suffering a major fall the troubled child actor has slipped into a coma and his manager is asking his fans to pray for him: