Top 20 HOTTEST celebrities who turned UGLY!‏

20. Brendan Fraser

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37 Comments for “Top 20 HOTTEST celebrities who turned UGLY!‏”

  1. me

    Come on… some of them are just older.

  2. The Zeitgeisty Report (c)

    Getting older doesn’t have to make you turn ugly… a lot of people age well!

  3. sammip

    daaaaammmnnnnn!!! Whitney! Cocaine is a powerful drug!

  4. Vince Vaughn had a very small window if hotness, like five minutes. But please don’t call Madonna ugly. That hurts my heart.

  5. The Zeitgeisty Report (c)

    I’m sorry my dear friend….but she’s hit the wall….with her face.

  6. Misanthropic

    Lindsay Lohan has given the word “aging” disjustice. Either she has acquired the first real 4400 ability, or the secret is in her exasperatingly expensive foot powder. Getting older may not cause one to turn ugly, but I’m pretty sure that P.T. Barnum is sporting a massive boner in his grave missing out on that freak show….of world renound dumbass.

  7. zzpaws

    To me, John Travolta is still attractive. He is handsome from the inside out, unlike Mel Gibson who is more unattractive (he was never “handsome”) because his ugly inside has been revealed.

  8. half drag

    Spot on with Whitney, Liotta I guess, B Fraser I guess, Flynn Borle, Lohan, C. Fisher I guess, Kelly LeBronk, Winehouse, Madge (recently just hit the wall as you said), Meg Ryan (getting there now it seems), Mickey O ROurke, KIRSTEY, and Vince Vaughan.

    Don’t really see what’s wrong with how Travolta, Priestly or Mel Gibson look.

    K. McGillis and Jan Michael Vincent? Sorry didn’t you say celebrities? Who are these people?

  9. The Zeitgeisty Report (c)

    Jan the man was a pretty big celebrity back in the day!

    Travolta might be a bit of a stretch…

  10. Darren

    David Gilmour?! Tough crowd.

  11. Holy crap….Jan the Man and Amy Winehouse are gonna haunt me in my dreams now….that’s some scary sh

  12. Elizabeth Brauer

    You forgot Mark Hamill. Granted, he was involved in a car accident which didn’t help. But he is just butt ugly now –>

  13. Wigger

    Whew….. some of them dont look that bad being older, and some aged very badly and let themselves go…. Kristie Alley is the worst…. just dosent care anymore….

  14. me

    ROFL at LiLO!!!!

  15. :)

    Mel gibson is SOOOO still hot!!!! or @ least ruggedly handsome ;)

  16. KiKi

    Lahan and Meg ORyan is the looking people I ever seen. Poor economy Lahan use to be so cute what happen. Meg O Ryans looks like she sucks on bars for days.

  17. Sara

    Dude, you should of added Robert De Niro. He was so much better in taxi driver

  18. seymour butts

    Vince Vaughn was always ugly. Nothings changed.

  19. devona sears

    Hey, wheres` Kenny Rogers?

  20. Angela

    this is so dumb lol. all of these people just got older, no bid deal. who the fuck cares

  21. Jen

    OMG amy winehouse! poor thing, u just got the rong pic of her, shes beautiful in others

  22. Jen

    Linsay, linsay, linsay….. you scare me!

  23. Joe Mother

    COME ON NOW!!!…… Kirstie Allan is still bangin

  24. asdf

    I don’t know what you’re talking about… Madonna looks the same! Ugly then, ugly now lol never hot.

  25. LOLA

    He is not ugly, he’s older now, but still attractive.

  26. Dr. Phil


  27. dea

    omg!!!!!!!!mikcey was a very beautiful and sexy man, and now he is… This is not because he just got older, this is because of the plastic surgeries. That’s a pitty, he is way better from the new gays, like bieber, efron, lautner, and many ohers like them. And olso amy, she never was that beautiful, but know she looks lika she is 80.

  28. frank

    Jason Priesley is almost the same!!! Maybe he became better! :)

  29. Shaun

    This cant be true good looking people are suppose to be good looking for ever, this has got to be fake!

  30. Panos

    Drugs,aging,plastic surgeries give the results above!

  31. Farida

    Jason Priestley looks handsome. He’s not a boy anymore and now is a charismatic man and that’s all!

  32. Don

    Kirstie makes me want to cry

  33. Kent

    Some just need a lose a little weight. Kelly Le Bronk doesn’t look bad just a little heavy. But if she lost too much she would look worse as that tends to make people look older but moderate weight loss would do her looks good.

  34. mai

    the botox and fillers, the stupid face, cheek, forhead and eyes lift. it has turned some of the celebrities the ugliest thing ever.
    Travolta is not ugly, he aged and he is still good looking…

  35. Aaron

    A couple of these folks have had hard lives and it shows (e.g. Jan Vincent and Lindsey Lohan), but most of the others are aging remarkably well. Why, for example, is Madonna in this grouping? She looks terrific

  36. Billy

    I waited on Jan Michael Vincent in 1976 when he made Damnation Alley (Metor Crater outside Flagstaff AZ) and he was extreamly good looking. Wow, we all age but I think think the alcohol really did him in. He was very nice and a great tipper through.

  37. Hel

    My favourite, not in this list, is Yasmine Bleeth, breaks my heart how she changed because of drugs

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