Tea Party Jesus!

Glenn Beck's words

Imagine if Jesus was part of the Tea Party Movement? I mean, after all, according to clowns like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter, et al, they’ve practically got a direct line to the Man from Nazareth, so the two should go hand in hand. Or do they? Some folks have put together a fantastic site, entitled [...]

ALBUM REVIEW: “Expo 86″ by Wolf Parade


Check out our review of Wolf Parade’s latest release, “Expo 86:

The 30 greatest animated films of all time


Join us as we countdown the 30 greatest animated films of all time… This is not your ordinary list either… Expect the different as well as the classics.

Abby Sunderland returns home…defends parents!


My suggestion is the next time she tries it, if she winds up in trouble, let her get out of it on her own. That’s what a REAL adventurer would do anyway. You pay, you play.

Ke$ha has got some odd backstage demands!


I think it’s cool that she ordered BOOKS backstage as opposed to the diva demands usually made by her pop bretheren. More power to you Ke$ha…you went a half step up in my book.

John Legend slams hairline haters on Twitter!


I find this story kind of hilarious. For years I’ve heard of this guy, occasionally caught him warbling a tune or two and always found him to be a crashing bore. This whole hair business validates my opinion. When your HAIRLINE is the most interesting aspect of your life, then you KNOW you’re a major snooze!

Jennifer Capriati attempted suicide over boyfriend’s porn star ways?


Dale DaBone is speaking out on his ex girlfriend’s OD. Speaking to TMZ, he feels that the combination of depression over the death of her tennis career and his return to porn was too much for Capriati and led to her overdose. The professional porker called her in the hospital after the incident, and she [...]

Kristen Stewart gets her hair chopped


I guess like Shiloh Jolie Pitt, she wants to look like a little dude. It’s all about the Montenegro style! Scrunchy McTwitch could have any hairstyle and she’d always look the same…awkward. only thing is, now she looks more like Rumer Willis, which is never a good thing. Wonder what Pattinson thinks of it.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato in Teen Vogue…AWKWARD!


My take is that she probably didn’t think it was over, and he officially dumped her AFTER the shoot. He probably really wanted it to happen, as the Jonas brothers 15 minutes are rapidly ticking down and any kind of press or controversy is essential at this point.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James finalize divorce!


the word on the street is that they’re divorced…take it with a grain of salt.