Sandra Bullock, Matt Lauer and some dude with a mustache


I feel you were long overdue for a ‘shift’, and I don’t think you needed to adopt a kid to do it either.

Christina Hendricks looking BOOB tube-erific at the 2010 Prime Time Emmy Awards!!


You know, at this point, the ONLY thing that makes any of these awards ceremonies worthwhile anymore is catching a glimpse of our favourite redhead on the… uh… red carpet…  You see?  It’s even NAMED for her!!! And as usual, Ms. Hendricks didn’t disappoint; looking luscious in lavender. Seriously, I’d rather watch the fair Christina [...]

President Obama responds to: Birthers, being a Muslim, Glenn Beck’s Rally and the Ground Zero Mosque on “NBC’s Nightly News”


President Obama, answered questions on birthers, his religion and Glenn Beck on Sunday’s “NBC’s Nightly News” with Brian Williams. On a recent poll showing that nearly one-fifth of Americans believe he is a Muslim. “The facts are the facts…. a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly…. [...]

Temple Grandin big winner at 2010 Prime time EMMY AWARDS!


HBO’s fantastic docudrama, “Temple Grandin”, about the amazing life story of an autisitic woman who changed the face of the cattle industry turned out to be the big winner in last night’s Prime Time Emmy Awards.   Kudos to the voters for recognizing such a worthwhile project as well as the terrific job Claire Danes did in her performance!    Aside from [...]

Waiter, there’s a CONDOM in my SOUP!!!


Don’t mess with the Bitchy Waiter…

Netflix Pix: ‘Passengers’ (2008)


Not every pick has to be a classic, as this week’s Netflix Pix shows.

Paris Hilton’s Cocaine Arrest… Not At All What It Seems!


Can you imagine what a day in the life of Paris Hilton must be like? Sure, the rest of the world thinks she’s a vacuous trust-fund bimbo with a bloated sense of entitlement, but I am here to tell you that you are dead wrong. When this chick is not fielding invitations to open some [...]

The 50 Greatest TV SHOWS of All Time


Another week another Z list… this time we countdown the 50 greatest TV SHOWS of all time!! Get out your REMOTES!!

Report From the Front Lines Of Glenn Beck’s “Restore America” Rally


“Seriously, no shit, I did not know,” says the prematurely gray icon when asked why he chose to hold his “Restore America” rally on the very same day and location of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech. That only weeks before, on his own show, he outright claimed that he had carefully [...]

Game Over: Is Stephen Strasberg the New Mark Fidrych?


I knew it was gonna happen the first time I saw Stephen Strasburg pitch.  I turned to my buddy Nick and said, “Ten bucks this guy doesn’t last the season.”  My buddy jumped at the chance to take my money, but before he could say “You’re on”!, I upped the ante.  “And if I’m right, [...]