Katy Perry has her BOOBS BANNED from Sesame Street!


The Sesame Street higher ups (I believe it was Cookie Monster and Kermit) promptly put out a statement stating that the spot would not air, and that they hadn’t meant to offend anyone. It’s still up on youtube though.

Track review: “Effigy” by Urge Overkill


Check out our review of the first Urge Overkill recording in over a decade!

Film review: ‘The Town’


Check out our review of Ben Affleck’s lastest directorial effort…. The TOWN

Coke vs. Pepsi… or the Customer is NOT Always right: Part Deux


Don’t mess with the Bitchy Waiter….

Casey Affleck admits Joaquin Phoenix Documentary, ‘I’m Still Here’, is a FAKE!


File under: No Shit Sherlock. Director, Casey Affleck now admits that his documentary chronicling Joaquin Phoenix’s supposed journey to become a rapper… was a hoax all along. In a NY Times interview Affleck gushed, “It’s a terrific performance, it’s the performance of his career”. Here are some more revelations: Virtually none of it was real. [...]

The 50 WORST TV Shows of all time!


We gave you the best… now here’s the WORST… Hold your noses for the the 50 stinkiest TV shows ever made!!

Javier Bardem has a ‘tiny penis’…opens up in Esquire magazine!


Speaking to why he never pees out in the open on a boat (they happened to have been conducting the interview out at sea), the rugged looking thespian stated, “I don’t want them to see my tiny penis.”

Montana Fishburne heading to REHAB for ‘behavioral problems’

montana fishburne

As far as I can tell two things may be happening here: A) Her tape isn’t selling well, and she leaked the whole re-hab thing to get her name out in the press again or B) This is all part of the “ho-in’ to redemption” tour she had planned all along. Next stop…celebrity rehab.

The New Republican Party: Attack of the Dingbats!!


Lately I have been suffering from a severe case of writer’s block. And an unusual case it is. It’s not that I am at a loss what to write about – au contraire! My problem is the fact that there’s just so much material out there I literally don’t know where to begin. Don’cha just [...]

Larissa Riquelme poses nude for Playboy… in 3D!! (NSFW)


EDITORS NOTE: I know our dear male readers will not mind this bit of gratuitous-ness…  Hey we gotta report, the hottest news don’t we?  Well, it doesn’t get much hotter than this… Internationally renowned Soccer fan, Larissa Riquelme has made good on her promise to show the world her glorious globes and what’s more in 3D!! [...]