iPad 2 coming this APRIL??


According to the Taiwanese Economic Daily News, the wait for the next generation of iPads might be less than you thought. Their sources say that Apple plans to release the iPad 2 in the the first quarter of 2011. Supposed new features will be two cameras for video calling, a new display and a USB [...]

CROSSWORD: November 30, 2010


You must have java enabled to play online. If not, you can download the PDF version!…

Lady Gaga brags her upcoming record is the greatest album of the decade!!


While on tour in Europe, Lady Poo Poo boasted to her enraptured audience that her upcoming record, “Born This Way”, will be the greatest album of the decade!! Here’s a bit of her rambling… try to follow along if you can. “I promise you, I’ll never let you down. And not for nothing: The album’s [...]

The Most Searched Celebrity on the internet in 2010 was….


That’s right America… you guys are a bunch of morons

After seeing Deathly Hallows Part One, ‘Lost’ Creator Damon Lindelof finally apologizes to fans for horrible finale… sort of.


In a recent review of the latest Harry Potter flick he wrote for the Daily Beast, Lost co-creator, Damon Lindelof apologized (sort of) to fans of ‘Lost” who criticized the lame ending. Lindelof, who famously had stated that people who talked smack about his show could “not be considered fans” seems to be singing a [...]

Director tweets first photo from Twilight: Breaking Dawn


I’m surprised that this series has the legs it has. Haven’t the tweens and dumpy hausfraus gotten enough of the flat faced brit and his pugilistic pug, not to mention the intolerable Stewart and her hunchy, scrunchy insufferable tics and twitches.

The 20 BEST TV SHOWS of 2010


It’s time for end of the year lists, so count down the best TV SHOWS of 2010!!

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal: Boobs and penis..oh my! (PHOTOS NSFW)


What is the deal with this movie ‘Love & Other Drugs’? It’s turning out to be the ‘Two Moon Junction’ for a new generation!

Justin Bieber gets a new hairdo!


I’m sure this new coiffe will be debated back and forth amongst the mindless pre-teen throng-age, but until the dude gets a reverse mohawk I will refuse to weigh in!

Lady Gaga gets Anderson Cooper Drunk


Anderson Cooper recently revealed to Chris Jacobs (The Insider) that in an interview he did with Lady Gaga for an upcoming 60 Minutes, the buttafaced songstress got him drunk. Apparently after a long day of gruelling Q&A they wound up at the local pub (they were in London) and The Gagster coerced him into knocking [...]