Dr. Drew says Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie headed for a ‘nuclear’ break-up!


Quackerrific Dr. Drew Pinsky recently stated that he feels Angelina Jolie and her baby daddy Brad are headed for a ‘nuclear split’, due to her unresolved addictions, and Pitt’s demeaning attitude towards women.

Lost footage reveals Alf using the ‘N’ word!

Ponderously, this utterly un-entertaining load of donkey excressence was a huge hit back in the 80s. Of course, back in the ole’ Reagan era, prime time TV was perhaps even more shambolic than what’s currently clogging up the airwaves, like so much poo in the john.

Heidi Montag regrets plastic surgery, says she’s like ‘Edward Scissorhands’



OK Go singer Damian Kulash on the future of the music business


My personal opinion is that Kulash is one of the more delusional self-appointed champions of indie rock. The only reason 9 out of 10 people care about OK Go is because of the credibility and promotion afforded them via their alliance with EMI Records. Let’s face it, if not for the viral success of the video for the song “Here It Goes Again” (aka “the treadmill video”), the band would have been dropped after their second album, “Oh No”.

Subliminal weight-loss tapes (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the chocolate croissant)


Yes, our family believed in the power of deep breathing and visualization to treat everything from insomnia to Thanksgiving traffic.

Fake Sandy Kenyon reviews…’TiK-ToK’ by Ke$ha

Sandy Kenyon is the best movie reviewer in history. He’s on TaxiTV, which you probably watch in the back of cabs when you’re drunk

South Carolina celebrates the ‘Secession Ball’


If you happened to find yourself in and around South Carolina last night, you might have been able to catch the “Secession Ball”. This was a little shindig that was organized in order to “celebrate” the one-hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the south’s decision to secede from the union – a fateful decision to be sure. The result was the bloodiest war in American history.

More nude photos of Russian spy Anna Chapman hit the internet (NSFW)


Boy does this Russkie love to get naked!

Nicki Minaj sex tape leaked? PHOTO still released! (NSFW)


On the broader topic of celebrity sex tapes, at this point, anyone with half a brain would have to believe that these ‘stars’ are complicit in their release. I’m guessing that they feel any sort of publicity to keep their name out in the public consciousness is worth the embarrassment. In fact, at this stage in our decimated culture, I don’t even think these muldoons are embarrassed at all.

Is Kinect Sex the future of gaming? (Demo NSFW-ish)


When you think about it, nerds and porn go together like peanut butter and chocolate…it’s a marriage made in heaven! C’mon Microsoft, let’s kick this up a notch, get onboard…it’s the futire of gaming!