Did Christina Hendricks get boob implants?


Did Christina Hendricks get a boob job? You decide!

Angelina Jolie to play Cleopatra in new 3D re-boot?


Well, producer Scott Rudin says there’ll be no Cleopatra without her, so…

British actor Henry Cavill selected as the next Superman!


Supe is a challenge. The character is an inherently two dimensional character. Hopefully this time around, they’re able to inject his persona with a bit more of…well…a persona.

Michele Bachmann is a dunce!


I will say the only words I know that you understand, my Michele: You’re a dunce.

Charlie Sheen checks into rehab, Two and a Half Men on indefinite hiatus


Well, it seems like the infamous whacktor has finally hit bottom.

Rihanna topless in new ‘sexting’ photo (NSFW)


Apparently she took this shot for the dude she was boney-maroning with after the Chris Brown break up.

Lady Gaga tweets lyrics to her new single ‘Born This Way’


Well, she ain’t no Bob Dylan that’s for sure…

Southern accents: Addicted to the drawl


Okay, none of this really happened. I don’t work in an office with other people, I work by myself as a superhero…guardian of justice, if you will…and was simply doin what we in the funny papers call “riffing”.

Were The Beatles bad for us?


The Beatles are the single greatest rock band in the history of humanity. Their brief eight-year run yielded more gold (and platinum) than any other band that has ever existed, before or since. Their music not only sold in the millions, it shaped an entire generation and has left an impression on all generations since. They single-handedly changed the language of pop music, creating the very template from which all other pop music springs.

Kim Kardashian claims her boobs are ‘completely 100 percent real’


This past Thursday, Kim Kardashian appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight, and laid to rest the rumor that she’s had breast augmentation.