Kanye West SEX TAPE confirmed! How will his compare to Kim’s?


Seems like Kanye and Kim are truly made for each other! According to Radaronline a steamy sex tape involving the talented rap artist and a sultry Kim look-alike has made its way onto the scene.

Rashida Jones looks STUNNING in new photoshoot


I think I’m going to have to follow her career more closely now.

Rihanna, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus…America’s fascinated with CELEBRITY SIDEBOOB


Just take a swing by the Huffington Post and you’ll see my point brought into sharp relief. After reading the headline stories on the chaos taking place in 11 Arab countries, and a couple of election-related pieces, you’ll soon find the breaking news – EMMA WATSON FLASHES SIDEBOOB!

Angelina Jolie on 60 minutes, says she saves her ‘bad’ side for Brad Pitt


In a new interview with “60 Minutes” airing Nov. 27th, Angelina Jolie tells correspondent Bob Simon she’s lucky to be alive.

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood NUDE pics ‘leaked’ to the internet (PHOTOS NSFW)


So, what have we got here in Amber? Teenage pregnancy, nude photos…all she needs is a drug addiction and she’ll achieve the ultimate trifecta in shkankerific-ness!

Mr. Skin’s Anatomy Awards celebrates celebrity NUDITY!


Congratulations to all the winners, knowing you’ve served man-dom as titilating-ly as you have should make you all proud as punch. I must say after perusing the award recipients I’ve been woefully remiss, as I don’t think I’ve seen a single film on the list! I think I need to re-new my Netflix subscription!!

Rihanna and Ryan Phillippe ‘totally had sex’??


I think I’m gonna give it a few weeks to report on the bedroom antics of the hiccupy warbler. At this point a story could hit that she’s boning Fred Flintstone and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Keyshia Cole ‘leaked’ naked sexting photo hits the internet! (NSFW)


Looks like someone’s career needs a jump start…

Porn star Kacey Jordan may have aborted Charlie Sheen’s baby


The gal’s got class…what can I say?

When choosing a partner it’s all about LOOKS


Appearance is pretty much the ‘be end and end all’ when it comes to initially choosing a partner. Witty banter, intelligence, repartee mean nothing if you’re not up to snuff as far as your looks are concerned – the best you can hope for is friend status.