The Monkees subversive masterpiece ‘Head’ raises new questions


Could you imagine some pre-fabricated tweeny-bopper ‘band’ like One Direction rebelling against the constraints of their machinery and releasing a subversive art-house movie in order to smash their well-constructed and lucrative image to smithereens in the hope that they’d be taken seriously as artists?

TV REVIEW: Revolution Episode 2, “Chained Heat” Recap

Revolution Episode 2

What happens this week on REVOLUTION? We shall see.

TV REVIEW: J.J. Abrams Revolution FAILS

JJ Abrams' Revolution

J.J. Abrams’ latest sci-fi venture for the small screen fails miserably. There’s just no other way to say it.

TV REVIEW: Saturday Night Live Season Opener with Seth MacFarlane falls flat

SNL Review "Seth MacFarlane/Frank Ocean"

SNL Kicks off its new season with a mixed bag of old tricks.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get back together…Twihards rejoice!


I don’t really see why so much animus has been hurled at Hunchy Mc Scrunchy, So she dallied with her director…so what? In Babylonian Hollywood, a brief diddle, followed by a tearful public apology is downright quaint.

TV REVIEW – Woody Allen: A Documentary…a comic genius exposed?


When I really think about it, I’d say Woody Allen has had one hell of a major impact on my life. His films, books, one-liners, even his personal style, I’ve assimilated it all into my gestalt like some borsht-y Borg.

TV REVIEW: Two and a Half Men MUST be cancelled!!!


Seems like Chuck Lorre doesn’t know when to stop beating a dead horse. After watching tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men, which was even more criminally devoid of humor than usual, I can officially pronounce the show EQUUS MORTIS!

TV REVIEW: American Chopper Senior Vs. Junior…does Rick RETURN??


Two weeks ago, it was ‘teased’ in the coming attractions that Rick Petko might be leaving OCC to join up with his old buddies at Paul Jr. Designs. Being a big fan of Slick Rick, I was definitely looking forward to this week’s episode. I think it’d be great to get the Rick-ster back in the fold. Maybe then Discovery Channel could just concentrate on PJD and finally turn the page on that walrus-mustachioed blowhard.

Kim Kardashian BACKLASH! Her career may be over!


Is her career really over? Or will some new E! channel iteration capture the non-imaginations of the biscuit-head patrol. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that her ’15 minutes’ are up.

Is Brad Pitt depressed? Says happiness is ‘overrated’


While promoting his recent film ‘Moneyball’ in Tokyo, Brad Pitt had some interesting thoughts on the value of happiness…