Mitt Romney is out of TOUCH and out of TIME


Strike the stage. Fold up the tent. Close the doors. Turn out the lights. There will be no encore. There will be no final bows. There will be no curtain call. The reviews are in and they’re all bad.

Mitt Romney gets a serious reality check


If a more utterly perfect reason not to send this fool to the White House was needed, it was generously provided to us last week – gift wrapped – by Mitt Romney himself!

Occupy AMERICA!!


The mayors of Oakland, California and New York City apparently have no understanding of human history – not to mention human nature. They attempted this week to shut down the Occupy Wall Street movements of their respective cities through means of violence and intimidation. It didn’t quite work out too well for them.

The REAL reason conservatives can’t quit Herman Cain


At this point in the game, it would appear painfully obvious to anyone with an IQ greater than your garden variety sea snail, that Herman ‘I got all this stuff twirlin’ in mah brain’ Cain does not have what it takes to lead this great nation of ours.

Zuccotti park is melting in the dark!


I got the phone call from Harragin on Saturday morning, the twelfth of November. He was on his way to Zuccotti Park to be part of the occupation that is the focus of the nation. Would I like to come along for the ride?

Wall Street protesters tossed out by NYPD for defecating in Zuccotti park!


Early Tuesday morning, the NYPD entered Zucotti Park, evicting the resident commie punks so that the space could be scrubbed down all nice and shiny-like. Apparently, those pesky protesters have been taking hefty dumps all over the perimeter and the stench was beginning to encroach upon the virgin nostrils of their neighboring Manhattanites.

Herman Cain flubs response on Libya question


Personally, I think anyone who refers to themselves in the third person should automatically be disqualified as a presidential candidate.

Our national discourse has been hijacked by half-wits and crazy people!


The fact that we live in interesting times is an understatement. The death of the America you and I grew up in – the America our grandkids will never even know – may be a grim and depressing thing to contemplate, but witnessing the demise of this once-great nation sure as hell ain’t boring. Truth be told, it has been quite entertaining! Thanks to television and the internet, we can all have a front row seat as we behold the spectacle of the United States of America being completely and utterly destroyed from within. Isn’t technology neat?

Disgraced ex-congressman Chris Lee sought ‘transgender women’ on Craigslist?


I feel sorry for these repressed Republicans, I really do. They’re all so caught up in their own charade, it must be a living nightmare. Personally, I think 90% of all Republican officials are closet cases…either that or they’ve got socio-pathic tendencies.

New details ‘leaked’ from Sarah Palin upcoming tell-all…and they’re JUICY!


Boy oh boy…when this bomb drops, I don’t see how this muldoon will have any shred of credibility left.