Relationship red flags I’ve ignored


When you see that crimson flag flapping about like a sludge covered catfish in its death throes…run like hell.

A message from Zeitgeisty…


It’s been a little over a month since I’ve gone on hiatus.

The fly killer


I lived with a girl for three years back in the late nineties in a ridiculously minuscule smudge of an apartment on 33rd street off of First Avenue – a joyless neighborhood, completely devoid of anything remotely stimulating.



When I was 18, I was taking a figure drawing class at the upstate college I attended. That’s where I met ‘crazypants’. I noticed her instantly, as she struck quite an impressive figure. She was an attractive gal with a big warm tail and eyes the color of topaz. She also had one of those short 90s era ‘bob’ haircuts and a penchant for wearing sundresses that seriously emphasized her healthy attributes.

Southern accents: Addicted to the drawl


Okay, none of this really happened. I don’t work in an office with other people, I work by myself as a superhero…guardian of justice, if you will…and was simply doin what we in the funny papers call “riffing”.

The origins of my cold black heart


When I was 8 years old I fell in love with a girl named Mara.

Two types of people in the world


My theory is that there are two kinds of people in the world, those that carefully check the hotel room before leaving and those that don’t.

Yoga for people that suck at yoga


I am a 43 year old healthy but saggy in places mother of two young children. I’d love to get back in shape, but I am (and always was) inflexible. Going to “beginners” yoga tends to place me with much older women and I feel like a fraud.

Where Is The Now?


While it’s almost impossible to realize that first moment when your gaze shifts from the road in front of you to that which you’ve already covered, one of life’s simplest, harshest truths is that, at some point, we all look back. We all wish we’d have paid a little more attention during the halcyon days [...]

Music These Days…MEH.


When I started blogging back in the late 60′s, okay, more like 2006, there was sooooo much music to write about.  There were still hundreds, if not thousands of bands that had never been given their just due and the blogosphere was the perfect place to celebrate such bands.  Along the way, I have shared [...]