The Great Gatsby: a fantastic…. VIDEO GAME??


  Some strange people have created an old-school video game based on Fitzgerald’s “Jazz Age” classic in high school. But that’s not the end of the story, ‘cause the game itself is a bit of mystery.  The creators of Great Gatsby Game website state that it’s actually an unlicensed copy of a little known NES game they found [...]

The Frugal Materialist: Four great (and affordable) online art sources!


Artwork can change the look of a room entirely. A series of prints hung above a bed or sofa completes a room. Large, bold posters bring a dull hallway to life. The internet has some excellent resources for finding one of a kind prints for any taste. Here are some go-to sources for insanely good deals.

Tea Party Jesus!

Glenn Beck's words

Imagine if Jesus was part of the Tea Party Movement? I mean, after all, according to clowns like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter, et al, they’ve practically got a direct line to the Man from Nazareth, so the two should go hand in hand. Or do they? Some folks have put together a fantastic site, entitled [...]

Small Worlds: A game about exploring… An 8-bit masterpiece by David Shute


All fans of retro gaming should be checking out this whimsical creation by David Shute, the fantastic Small Worlds

Geocities-izer: Make Any Webpage Look Like It Was Made By A 13 Year-Old In 1996


Check out this nifty little site that will be sure to give you horrible flashbacks to the days of Comic Sans and Ally Mcbeal dancing babies!! The GEOCITIES-IZER…

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: The Polaroids… The greatest band you’ve never heard


The Z Report presents a lost classic; the never was band of the century… THE POLAROIDS!

8-bit Dark Side of the Moon: Pink Floyd masterpiece arranged for the Super Nintendo!!!

Did you ever imagine what Pink Floyd’s Magnum Opus, “The Dark Side of the Moon” would sound like if it was used as a soundtrack to an old school Nintendo video game? Well, Brad Smith, a video game programmer from Ontario, Canada, has… and he DID something about it.

Hipster duo ‘Pomplamoose’ cover Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ to perfection!


Pomplamoose is one of those hipster, cutesy, boyfriend/girlfriend indie music sensations which ordinarily make my molars ache, but I’ve got to admit it’s hard to ignore the fact that there’s a lot of bone fide musical mastery going on here. They’ve become a Youtube stand out with their quirky covers of popular top 40 hits and their latest offering, Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ is pretty damned awesome.



Ever wonder what a map of New York would look like if it were part of an old Apple II RPG, like Ultima III? Well, you’re wondering days are over!! Check out 8-Bit NYC and see for yourself.

Z RECOMMENDS: Why are there so many records in my life? – A project of alphabetical listening


Anyone into collecting old LPs (like myself) will surely appreciate a terrific blog started by ‘Ian’ from Kansas City…. Why are there so many records in my life? – A project of alphabetical listening..The project’s premise is to go through Ian’s entire collection, one record a day, posting a picture of himself and the album, including biographical details (where he bought the record, why he bought it, etc.) as well as the price, because as he says, “I am curious to see how much I have spent over the past six or seven years since I started collecting/ how much money I have wasted that I could have spent on, I don’t know, rent or food”.