Totally 80s: Sade poised to top the charts with her new release ‘Soldier Of Love’‏

80s pop star Sade apparently still has a legion of loyal fans out there as her new release ‘Soldier Of Love’ is set to debut at the top of the charts next week with sales that could total as much as 450,000 copies! I guess one should never underestimate the world’s hunger for overly produced, bland, middle of the road pop. Personally, I’d be way more jazzed over a Men At Work reunion than another version of Sweetest Taboo, but that’s just me I suppose. It never fails to surprise me who we give second chances to in our society. Who’s next? Johnny Hates Jazz? Mister Mister? The Escape Club?
Why not XTC, The Stray Cats or Squeeze???!!! 
I wonder if she’ll get back up on her horse for her first video off the album, she’d better be careful though, she might break a hip.

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  1. Jahja

    Overproduced, middle of the road pop? This is Sade, not Beyonce, or Gaga, or Taylor Swift. With your post, you have shown how little you know about music.

  2. The Zeitgeisty Report (c)

    Yes.. overproduced, middle of the road pop… or if you’d prefer, easy listening jazz crapola.

  3. Steve

    Wow how did you get a gig writing articles? First off, I find it humorous that you have no idea WTF you are discussing which shows your lack intellegence on the matter – simply ignorant! Overproduced, middle of the road pop? If you have ever listened to any of Sade’s music you would know that there were never any digitial electronic beats to syncronize their melody…. Sade has only performed with real instruments (what a concept). I agree with Jahja you know very very little about music. Why don’t you write obituaries. I have one – DEPTH OF YOUR CAREER!

    What a joke!!!

  4. The Zeitgeisty Report (c)

    Do you know what PRODUCTION means? It doesn’t necessarily have to do with the instrumentation… Air Supply used all real instruments as well… Sade is snooze inducing, light jazz muzak… Kenny G with vocals.

  5. Nathan Alderman

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Steve and Jaha here. Sade is the greatest artist out there today! Do you know how many times I jacked off to “Smooth Operater”? Huh? Do you?!? Enough times that my dick is now so calloused it looks like a a fucking cucumber!!! Women scream and run away in terror when they see my disfigured member!!! But at least I have my precious Sade album to keep me company… and a handy supply of kleenex.

  6. The Zeitgeisty Report (c)

    eh… I always thought she had a baggy ass.

  7. ReddyEye

    Sade is not an 80s pop star. True they, and it is they, Sade is a band, started out in the 80s but they have had successful albums in every decade since the bands inception. Some people never got past Smooth Operator and Sweetest taboo to see the depth of their catalog of songs. Saw them live in 2001 and Sade Adu on vocals, Stuart Matthewman on Sax, Paul Denman on bass and Andrew Hale on guitar was sweet music and hands down the best live concert I’ve attended and I’ve been around the block a few times.

  8. annie

    for my first post on your geisty site i have to say i couldn’t agree with you more. sade is bo-ring. just try collecting her albums, it’s all repeats. some shmuck tried to take me to her concert as a v-day date and i was bored. to. tears.

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