Wacky websites alert: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich‏

Seems like every other website nowadays is dedicated to some kind of wacky premise in order to try and stand out from the pack. Case in point , which features photo after photo of master thespian Tom Selleck juxtaposed with a waterfall and a sandwich. I’m not sure if the person responsible for this is attempting to get all Dada on our asses, or whether he’s just being goofy, but my gut reaction says the latter.

My main gripe about sites like these is that they just seem like an empty endeavour, moreover, it’s a cheap way to gain an audience. Sure, it’s kinda funny for about two seconds, but then what? Of course places like these usually attract the hipster douchebag contingent and they in turn spread the word of their genius all across the internets. I mean we all know that’s pretty much all hipster douchebags are good for; using their little twitter and facebook accounts to inform us of the latest inconsequential and useless crap clogging the blogosphere.

I guess I feel if you’re going to start up your own little enclave on the web, it should at least try to stand for something more substantial than Tom Selleck and a sandwich. This is why in addition to the Zeitgeisty Report, I’m starting up a colossal side project. It’s totally gonna be the shit dude, it’s a little thing I like to call…

Zeitgeisty Tundra Salami.

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  1. Nathan Alderman

    Sorry, dude, but you are no Magnum P.I.

  2. The Zeitgeisty Report (c)

    hahaha… it’s the moustache.

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