Adrianne Palicki is TV’s new Wonder Woman in David E. Kelley rehash

Interesting…I’ve never heard of this chick before, but I can kinda sorta see a slight facial resemblance to my beloved childhood fantasy Lynda Carter…

…of course she’s lacking in Carter’s two most prominent assets.

The new re-working of the iconic series will be set in Los Angeles, and helmed by ‘Ally McBeal’ creator David E. Kelly. It makes sense that Kelley would choose someone flatter chested, as he’s really into skinny women. He famously contributed to the eating disorders of at least three women that have worked on his shows.

Personally, I think Lynda Carter MADE that lame 70s tosser of a program. Take away gloriously her delectable jiggly bits, and it was a major snooze. Seriously, can you picture anyone else besides her as the invisible plane ridin’ Amazon?


And of course, who could forget the luscious raven haired beauty’s appearance on ‘Battle of the Network Stars’?

Double yowza!

That would never make it past the censors today I tell you. When that aired, 3,000,000 boys instantly hyper-spaced into puberty.

Apparently it’s a done deal on this Palicki girl. Seems, she was the only one to even screentest for the role.

Carter, graciously tweeted her congratulations to the future Amazon, thus passing the torch to another generation.

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  1. half drag

    Yeah, Mr. Kot-teahr knew where to hang!

    (see the fortuitous cameo of Mr. Kotter in the Battle of the Network Stars clip…)

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